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During the Ukrainian crisis, FGCI is doing all we can to serve. We have been busy providing food, transportation, and necessary items to refugees who are fleeing across the border into Romania and Moldova. We have taken supplies into Ukraine, serviced a food truck to hand out warm food and drinks to those who are hungry, and unloaded 17 tons of potatoes (yes, tons!). We have made connections with a Swiss ministry, Ukrainian pastors, and so many, many more! We. Are. Busy. But praise the Lord for the opportunities!

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Ministry Note (March 13, 2022)

Families line up to be taken to a safe location away from the Ukraine/Moldova border.

Vlad writes:

These days have been full with activity on the borders of Moldova and Ukraine. I have helped with food, emotional support, blankets, guiding refugees, finding them accommodations, etc. I witnessed many dramatic scenes that took place on Ukrainian territory, as fathers sent their families [across the border] and they returned to fight. In these days, there were many people—a huge crowd. There were disabled people, children from orphanages, etc. At the moment, the war is in Nikolaev and [the Russians] are trying to attack Odesa… people have started fleeing from Odesa. I am glad that I had the opportunity to pray for people and to give them the Word of God (Bibles), because in these times God is needed and HE is the best help. I think that these days, while I was at the border, about 10,000 people passed by. Many of them came very far on foot to get to the border. There are many things to tell, but I will tell you gradually.

[Original message in Romanian:]

Pace sa aveți frați si surori In aceste zile am lucrat pe de plin la frontierele Moldova si Ucraina, am ajutat cu mâncare, susținere emoțională, plapume, ghidarea refugiaților, cazarea lor etc. Am fost martor la multe scene dramatice care sa întâmplat pe teritoriul Ucrainean, cum tatii își petrecea familia si el se întorcea înapoi sa lupte. In aceste zile au fost multi oameni, era îmbulzeala mare, au fost oameni invalizi, copii de la internat etc. Acuma la moment războiul este in Nicolaev si încearcă sa atace Odesa… oamenii au inceput sa fuga din Odesa. Ma bucur ca am avut ocazia sa ma rog pentru oameni sa le dau si Cuvântul Lui Dumnezeu, pentru- ca in aceste timpuri EL este necesar si Cel mai bun ajutor. Cred ca in aceste zile cit am stat la granița au trecut vreo 10000 mii de oameni. Multi din ei au mers foarte mult pe jos. Sunt multe lucruri de povestit dar le voi spune treptat

FGCI representative, Vlad Pogor, stands inside the border of Ukraine as refugees cross into Moldova.

FGCI has been transporting hundreds of Ukrainian refugees into Moldova and Romania over the past two weeks. Many wives and children say goodbye to their husbands and fathers at the border.

Some of the blankets FGCI has purchased to give to Ukrainian refugees at the border.

Project Update (March 10, 2022)

There continues to be much chaos and sadness at the border of Ukraine where our workers are keeping active in two very crowded refugee-crossing areas in Moldova and Romania. [See map where areas are circled in yellow.]

Vlad Pogor, our Moldova FGCI representative, has been driving 1,200 km (745 miles) per day for the past week, shuttling refugees from the Ukraine-Moldova border to Chisinau, the Capital of Moldova. Most of the refugees are women and children. Many of the children have no parents with them as is the case with the children pictured here whom Vlad delivered to the Bethel Baptist Church in Chisinau yesterday (March 9) for safe accommodations. The message below was sent to me by Vlad on March 9, 2022.

Vlad writes: Peace to all. I want to tell you about these children. They are children abandoned by their parents who are under the supervision of a responsible educator who took them from Basarabeasca [name of border crossing] customs. There are 12 children from Odesa near the edge of town. They say that they have not had a good rest for 5 days. At 4:00 in the morning, they were awakened by the sound of rocket explosions and were in an extraordinary shock. And when I took them to the minivan, some of the children shed tears of joy that no bombs, missiles, etc. could be heard. They are staying at a church in Chisinau (Bethel Baptist) for 3-4 days, and then they will continue on to Germany. For these children happiness is not to be found in phones, cars, toys, good food, expensive clothes, etc. For them, happiness is that they will sleep without the sound of bombs and rockets. Thank you very much for the help sent for the children.

Please keep in prayer these children and all of the others fleeing from Ukraine. It’s a giant tragedy happening right before our eyes.

In Romania, FGCI representative Mihai Pungila has been busy at a customs border on the Danube River directly across from Ukraine. [He has also been taking vanloads of food across the border just inside Ukraine.] Thousands of Ukrainian refugees are daily crossing the Danube to arrive on safe Romanian soil. [About 2,000 daily at this border crossing.] Mihai and his crew of volunteers have been transporting dozens of families and individuals to safe accommodations in Tulcea and surrounding villages. Workers have been praying with and comforting refugees. They have been purchasing and distributing food and Bibles, as well as providing rides to Bucharest to the airport, and to bus services leaving the country. Most of the refugees are staying for only a few nights before heading further west to another country.

Recently, Mihai was also able to secure a fast-food-service trailer from which we have been serving free, prepared hot food and drinks to refugees who have just crossed the Danube and are waiting for rides from the border.

Mihai writes: I want to share the joy that God helped me to return safely back into Romania. Since the war started, refugees have started to come to our house. Every day we are at the border to offer help and support both with transport and with overnight accommodations.

There are mothers with children who don't know what they will do. On Monday night, we took three of them who just ran away from the war. Pray for us to have wisdom and strength. We are serving hot food in customs at the border crossing. We give thanks to the Lord that we were able to start this food trailer with hot dogs and hot soup. We give thanks to God for the way He has been working. Over 1,000 hot dogs and other food has been given to the people who’ve arrived here. God bless you and reward you. Pray for us as we are here on the front line, that God would bring victory, and that we may be of use to the people who pass this way over this border.

Since March 9, we try to help every day with food for the Ukrainian refugees. They left everything behind and [came across the border to Romania]. We want to get involved with volunteers and state-run centers [here in Romania] where children from orphanages in Ukraine may also come to stay. Thank you for being with us in what we do.

So much is happening, that it is difficult for our workers to stop and send reports. We are grateful for the good, tireless work our FGCI staff is doing in Jesus’ name to provide hope and help to these desperate and grieving refugees. We appreciate your prayers and financial support which enables us to serve so many during this crisis.

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