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A sponsorship program of For God's Children International

For God's Children International serves hundreds of institutionalized and at-risk children, teenagers, and adults in Romania and Moldova.  “How may I help?” you might ask.  We invite you to become an official SponsorLink sponsor.  By sponsoring the children with whom we work, or one of our ministry programs, you will help us a lot!  Your monthly gifts or one-time donation will help us cover the costs of providing these services.  Below you will find more information about the children, adults with special needs, and ministry areas where we serve.

SponsorLink sponsors receive regular updates by mail, email, or via social media.  Donations to For God’s Children International are tax-deductible (Fed. ID/EIN#: 42-1448176).  Please include a note with your gift indicating the SponsorLink designation to which you would like your gift to be designated (e.g., SponsorLink – Students, or SponsorLink – Foster Children, etc.).  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

[For God’s Children International honors preference of gifts solicited and, in accordance with IRS regulations, retains discretion and control over their use.]


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SPONSOR STUDENTSSponsor Roma (Gypsy) students.

Suggested Donation:  $75/month, or $750/year

The cost to sponsor a Roma student is $75/month, or $750 for an entire school year (10 months).  Your SponsorLink gift will help Roma students with the cost of school fees, books and supplies, plus daily transportation to school (8 miles one way) via public transit.

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SPONSOR FOSTER CHILDREN:  Sponsor our Home of the Good Shepherd.

Suggested Donation:  $50/month for ¼ Sponsorship; $100/month for ½ Sponsorship; or, $200/month for Full Sponsorship

Your sponsorship helps us cover each child’s individual care costs, such as food, clothing, school fees and supplies, tutoring and therapy, medical/dental needs, etc.  These individual care costs amount to over $200/month/child.

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Foster Children

SPONSOR SUNSHINE ROOM:  Sponsor our Sunshine room.  

Suggested Donation:  $25 - $100/month

We are seeking monthly sponsors for our InSNC programs.  Any donation amount helps us continue to cover the salaries of our two social workers and the materials needed for our daily Sunshine Room InSNC program. Currently, our InSNC program operating and staffing costs are approximately $625/month ($7,500/year).

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Sunshine Room

SPONSOR MEDICAL NEEDS:  Sponsor general medical needs. 

Suggested Donation:  Any $ amount

Medical costs can range from $25 to $1,000+ depending on the severity and complexity of the medical need.  Your monthly donation or one-time gift will help to cover the costs of medical emergencies and dental/health needs of the kids (and adults with special needs) whom we serve in Romania and Moldova.

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Medical Needs

SPONSOR MINISTRY PROGRAMS:  Food & supplies for poor families.

Suggested Donation:  Any $ amount

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, many Romanians and Moldovans have suffered severe financial hardships, especially poor families and widows in small villages.  With the support of our sponsors, we have sent food and supplies to several poor families and government orphanages.  The picture to the left shows a widow from Zebil to whom we sent food via our Romanian staff.  You can find out more by clicking on the link below.

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Ministry Programs

SPONSOR MINISTRY PROGRAMS:  Sponsor a weekly Roma Bible study group.

Suggested Donation:  $100/month, or $900/year

To provide these weekly Bible youth meetings, it costs $100/month ($900 for a full school year).  Your SponsorLink donation covers the costs of transportation (16-mile round trip plus occasional excursions), Bible materials, snacks, and crafts.

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SPONSOR MINISTRY PROGRAMS:  Sponsor children to attend Bible camp.

Suggested Donation:  $125/child/camp, or $2,500/camp for 20 children

All campers attend camp at no cost.  A week of Bible camp costs $125/child or $2,500/camp for 20 children.  Your donation covers the cost of food, transportation, housing, and Bible lesson material for each child.

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