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Project Update (March 4, 2022)

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” —Esther 4:14b (NIV)

The events happening in Ukraine (and the countries bordering it to the west) due to the invasion of Russia are tragic. For God’s Children International (FGCI) has been serving children and marginalized people in Romania and Moldova for more than 25 years. Our workers are located in areas of Romania (Tulcea) and Moldova (Nisporeni) close to where Ukrainian Refugees are pouring in by the thousands! Praise God, due to our proximity to the Ukrainian border, we have already been able to help more than 100 refugees enter into Moldova and Romania safely from border crossings in both countries. Our workers in Moldova have transported several families to safe shelter, and have provided them with food, water and other basic needs. They have also provided prayers, peace and the hope of Christ to these displaced, frightened and discouraged individuals.

Our ministry is doing what we can to help as many Ukrainian refugees as possible find safety in Romania and Moldova during this Russia-Ukraine war. When you give to our UKRAINIAN REFUGEES fund, be assured that all of the funds will be used wisely and effectively to help the refugees with their personal needs. FGCI is not keeping administrative fees, nor are we paying salaries from the donations we are receiving. Please join us in helping our suffering friends from Ukraine as they leave behind their homes and families.

I asked our FGCI staff member Vlad Pogor, “What are the most important ways we can help the Ukrainian refugees at this time?” His answer: “Right now, they need a lot of transport, accommodations [for shelter], personal products, emotional support and prayer.”

Here are pictures we received from Vlad on March 3, 2022.

Ukrainian Refugee Relief Services

FGCI is already serving Ukrainian refugees entering into Moldova and Romania (near Tulcea). There are thousands crossing the border to flee for safety from the Russian invasion. We are helping with transportation to safe shelter. We are providing food, water, clothing, footwear, medicine and service to help refugees secure personal identification documents and passports. If you would like to help us, please send money by using the donate button below. All designated funds will go to directly help the Ukrainian Refugees. Thank you in advance!

We are working on updating our website, which includes this News page! Bear with us as we make all of our recent and current news/announcements available to you!

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