April Ministry Update from Mama Nootsie

April 28, 2020 Update

April 28, 2020 Update

April Update from FGCI's Home of the Good Shepherd in Nisporeni, Moldova


Vlad and Carolina Pogor, our houseparents, sent us the following update and pictures in April:


"Peace and greetings to all.  We want to share with you what is happening in our home. The children are healthy and feel very good.  We have daily online lessons.  Veronica makes sweets and cakes for us every day.  They are superb.  We work outside every day.  We painted the trees [to prevent bugs], we made the greenhouse bigger, and we planted seedlings.  We have a wonderful and busy time with the children every day.  This time has united us very much, and we are glad that the children feel like a family.  Zina calls us mom and dad.  She says she likes it very much here and does not want to go back [to her former home].  Thank you very much for the work you do, and for investing in the lives of these children.  God bless you.  And CHRIST IS ALIVE!"


Thank you for your prayers and support!


Jeremy Befort

FGCI Associate Director



You can become a SponsorLink sponsor for our Home of the Good Shepherd by clicking on the link below.  Find out more at:   https://www.fgci.org/sponsorlink


April 8, 2020 Update

April 8, 2020 Update

Sponsor food and supplies during the coronavirus.

As of April 8, Romania has 4,761 cases of coronavirus and 209 deaths. In Moldova they have 1,174 cases and 27 deaths. Both countries have declared a state of emergency and stay-at-home orders. The institutionalized children and adults we work with are confined to the government centers and apartments. Our Romanian and Moldovan workers are helping our kids as well as needy families during this time. Domnica Ristea (Mama Nootsie) has been in contact with the orphanage directors and has started sending them supplies. Vlad Pogor is delivering food and supplies to the Roma (Gypsy) families in Vulcanesti.

We are seeking help to continue to provide for needy children and families over the next several months. For orphanages, we would like to supply recreational activities for our kids. For low-income families, we want to put together boxes of essential supplies (rice, potatoes, oil, flour, etc.). Through your donation, we will be able to meet the needs of our kids and needy families through our international staff. 


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March 31, 2020 Update

For God’s Children International (also known as FGCI and Fagucci), is a Christ-centered benevolent ministry for children.  FGCI is based in Council Bluffs, Iowa USA.  FGCI serves needy children in Romania, Moldova and in the United States.  FGCI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation of Iowa (Fed. I.D.#42-1448176) and is supported by freewill gifts.  Below are ways to give to FGCI.

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