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For God’s Children International (FGCI) is a Christian benevolent ministry serving children in Eastern Europe and here in the USA. Our mission is to provide hope, dignity and love in Jesus’ name for God’s hurting and needy children. 
In our work with Romanian and Moldovan orphans, with Roma (Gypsies) and, now, among refugees fleeing Ukraine, we see a lot of hurting kids living in hopeless institutions, in broken families, and as culturally and socially marginalized human beings. Our desire is to penetrate their world and permeate it with the salt of God’s truth and comforting hope.


FGCI works in a lot of places in a variety of ways… and there’s a place for YOU here as well! Will you join us, whether by physically joining our missions teams, or by supporting us financially and with prayer? 


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During the current Ukrainian crisis, we are continuing to do all we can to be the hands and feet of Jesus. As refugees flee across the border into Romania and Moldova, FGCI representatives are directly providing food, transportation and more.

Recent Updates

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Ukrainian Refugee

Relief Services

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