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For God's Children International serves hundreds of institutionalized and at-risk children, teenagers, and adults in Romania and Moldova.  “How may I help?” you might ask.  We invite you to become an official SponsorLink sponsor.  By sponsoring the children with whom we work, or one of our ministry programs, you will help us a lot!  Your monthly gifts or one-time donation will help us cover the costs of providing these services.  Below you will find more information about the children, adults with special needs, and ministry areas where we serve.

SponsorLink sponsors receive regular updates by mail, email, or via social media.  Donations to For God’s Children International are tax-deductible (Fed. ID/EIN#: 42-1448176).  Please include a note with your gift indicating the SponsorLink designation to which you would like your gift to be designated (e.g., SponsorLink – Students, or SponsorLink – Foster Children, etc.).  If you have any questions, please contact FGCI Associate Director, Jeremy Befort.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

[For God’s Children International honors preference of gifts solicited and, in accordance with IRS regulations, retains discretion and control over their use.]





Suggested Donation:  $75/month, or $750/year


FGCI has been working with Roma (Gypsy) children and young adults in Vulcanesti, Moldova, since the early 2000s.  Seldom do teenagers from this village complete their high school diplomas [We hope to change that!]; even fewer continue their education in college.  Some contributing factors to this problem are:  1) the local school system ends at eighth grade; 2) ambivalent attitudes among the Roma culture about the necessity of education; 3) the inability—due to persistent poverty and joblessness—to pay for school fees, supplies, books, and travel to and from high school daily.

FGCI has spent many years encouraging Roma teens to finish high school.  Currently, we are sponsoring two Roma high school students who are working toward attaining their diplomas.  We believe that the courage and discipline exemplified by these students will motivate their Roma peers to desire a higher level of education for themselves, while convincing Roma parents of the priceless value of a good education for their children. 
The cost to sponsor a Roma high school student is $75/month, or $750 for an entire school year (10 months).  Your SponsorLink gift will help Roma students with the cost of school fees, books and supplies, plus daily transportation to school (8 miles one way) via public transit.  [It may also provide money for lunches.]  Once you become a sponsor, FGCI will send you the names of the students being sponsored, along with other details about them.  To become a sponsor, begin by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.

[SponsorLink Student Sponsors’ funds are pooled together to offset the monthly budget for all of the students being sponsored in this program.]




Suggested Donation:  $50/month for ¼ SPONSORSHIP; $100/month for ½ SPONSORSHIP; or, $200/month for FULL SPONSORSHIP

Since 2000, FGCI has owned and operated a Christian foster home in Nisporeni, Moldova, called "Home of the Good Shepherd."  Our first family of foster children have grown into independent adults who know the Lord Jesus and are active in the Church.  [We still keep in contact with them!]  Some have married and started families of their own.  Several have graduated from universities.  A few are developing their own businesses.  All of them are working hard to be good employees.  Currently, our second family of foster children is being cared for in the Home of the Good Shepherd under the loving care and guidance of Moldovan Christian foster parents, Vlad and Carolina Pogor (pictured at left).  
Home of the Good Shepherd administrative and operating costs, and the salary for the Pogors are paid from FGCI’s General Fund and designated gifts.  Your sponsorship helps us cover each child’s individual care costs, such as food, clothing, school fees and supplies, tutoring and therapy, medical/dental needs, etc.  These individual care costs amount to over $200/month/child.  [SponsorLink Foster Child Sponsors’ funds are pooled together to offset the monthly budget for all of the foster children being sponsored in the Home of the Good Shepherd.]

Once you become a sponsor, FGCI will send you the names of the children being sponsored, along with other details about them.  To become a sponsor, begin by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.




Suggested Donation:  $125/child/camp, or $2,500/camp for 20 children

Each summer, FGCI provides several weeks of Bible camps for the kids we work with in Romania and Moldova.  In Romania, approximately 80 children and teenagers from the government-run orphanages attend our camps.  In Moldova, 20-25 Roma (Gypsy) teenagers from the village of Vulcanesti attend our Bible camp.  Bible camps usually begin on Mondays and end on Saturdays.  Camps are filled with Bible lessons, memory verses, craft activities, games, excursions, campfires, small group Bible studies, fellowship, and evening chapel (singing, prayer, dramas, testimonies and a Bible message).  All Bible camps are led by FGCI staff (Joel Burkum, Domnica Ristea, or Jeremy Befort) and FGCI short-term missions team members.  After each camp season ends, our local FGCI staff and volunteers continue investing in the lives of "our kids" through monthly and weekly Bible study groups.  [One example is our weekly Bible study group at the Roma (Gypsy) church in Vulcanesti, Moldova.]  

All campers attend camp at no cost.  A week of Bible camp costs $125/child or $2,500/camp for 20 children.  FGCI sponsors Bible camps from our General Fund and designated gifts.  [SponsorLink Bible Camp Sponsors’ funds are pooled together to offset the costs for all children attending FGCI-sponsored Bible Camps provided in Romania and Moldova.]  Your donation covers the cost of food, transportation, housing, and Bible lesson material for each child.  To become a sponsor, begin by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.



Suggested Donation:  $100/month, or $900/year


FGCI has been working with Roma (Gypsy) youth in Vulcanesti, Moldova, since the early 2000s. Each summer, FGCI leads a three-day VBS program for Roma children in Vulcanesti.  After our three-day VBS, approximately 25 teenagers spend a week at our Bible camp learning more about Jesus.  During the school year, we continue working with our Roma friends at weekly youth group meetings.  Approximately 40 youth attend the Bible study meeting each week.  During these meetings, our FGCI-Moldova staff member, Vlad Pogor, encourages the youth to continue seeking God and His will for their lives through Bible teaching and preaching, worship, games, craft activities, excursions, and by providing leadership opportunities.  

To provide these weekly Bible youth meetings, it costs $100/month ($900 for a full school year).  Your SponsorLink donation covers the costs of transportation (16-mile round trip plus occasional excursions), Bible materials, snacks, and crafts.  To become a sponsor, begin by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.




Suggested Donation:  $25-$100/month


For twenty years, FGCI has been working in Zebil, Romania, at a government-operated center for children and adults with special needs.  In 2014 while on a visit to the Zebil center, FGCI Executive Director Joel Burkum met a young lady who served as the inspiration for FGCI’s new InSNC (Individual Specialized Needs Care) program.  When Joel met Ionela and heard her story, he was moved to establish the InSNC ministry to serve adults and children with special needs living in Tulcea county.  In 2017, FGCI hired two full-time Romanian social workers to serve in our therapy room (Sunshine Room).  They provide one-on-one therapy sessions daily for the severely-challenged residents at the Zebil center.  We have already begun to see dramatic improvements in the lives of the Zebil residents being served in FGCI’s Sunshine Room.

We are seeking monthly sponsors for our InSNC programs.  Any donation amount helps us continue to cover the salaries of our two social workers and the materials needed for our daily Sunshine Room InSNC program. Currently, our InSNC program operating and staffing costs are approximately $800/month ($9,600/year).  These costs are paid from FGCI’s General Fund and designated gifts.  To become a sponsor, begin by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.




Suggested Donation:  Any $ amount


Whenever possible, FGCI helps to cover the cost of medical needs for the kids we serve in Romania and Moldova.  We also provide advocacy and help to cover health care expenses for the residents whom we serve at the Tulcea county government centers for adults with special needs. Through our sponsors, we have paid for the costs of minor and major dental work, medication, medical exams, surgeries, blood tests, x-rays, eye exams, glasses, food, clothing, and transportation.  These medical costs can range from $25 to $1,000+ depending on the severity and complexity of the medical need.  

Your monthly donation or one-time gift will help to cover the costs of medical emergencies and dental/health needs of the kids (and adults with special needs) whom we serve in Romania and Moldova.   FGCI-Romania and FGCI-Moldova staff members will ensure that the funds are used wisely.  They will also provide Christian counseling and support for each child or adult with special needs.  To become a sponsor, begin by clicking on the "Donate Now" button.

For God’s Children International (also known as FGCI and Fagucci), is a Christ-centered benevolent ministry for children.  FGCI is based in Council Bluffs, Iowa USA.  FGCI serves needy children in Romania, Moldova and in the United States.  FGCI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation of Iowa (Fed. I.D.#42-1448176) and is supported by freewill gifts.  Below are ways to give to FGCI.

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